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I run a full-time Disc Jockey, Sound & Lighting Service. Based in  southern Ontario, Canada. I travel all over the southern Ontario area for gigs.  No event is too small or too large.

I have performed in hundreds of School Dances, over 600 Weddings and just as many banquets.  I have even been the MC and DJ for outdoor rock concerts... playing music in-between band sets.

I currently have what I call the "WOW Factor" animated full colour laser lighting show that I can add to your event.  This is a full blown laser light show that makes your event seem like a "mini rock concert" or a "night club".  I run 3 full colour 1.5watt lasers that can do everything from writing a Happy Birthday on the wall or adding a Client's logo.  Plus, there are the famous "beam effects" that you see at concerts and larger night clubs.  All done in beautiful colour.  But these 3 lasers are also joined with 3 other lasers that a lower in wattage that have their own unique look.  When all 6 lasers are combined, you have just added that "WOW... OMG" look to your room event.

This combined with up-lighting to give your room a themed colour as well as other intelligent moving light instruments will set your event as the "one to go see".

I have been in the music industry for the last 38yrs, as either a booking agent, concert promoter, stage/tour manager, LD (lighting designer), sound technician, Disc Jockey, sales, promotions and so much more. Presently putting on Laser Light Shows.

I perform all over southern Ontario at various functions.
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