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We offer 3 types of services. Sound/Lighting systems for all sorts of events. Disc Jockey in the business for over 30yrs performing weddings, schools, banquets, street dances, backyard parties etc. And more recently from 2010 a full colour Laser animated light show. (think Pink Floyd)


​Public School Dances, High School Dances, Weddings, Street Dances, Backyard Parties, Banquets, Christmas Parties, New Years Eve, Jack 'n Jill Parties, Fashion Shows, House Parties, Night Clubs, Bars, Grand Openings, Block Parties, Pool Parties, Any Age B-Day Parties, Music In-Between Bands At Concerts etc...


​Small sound & lighting systems for bands playing Bars / Night Clubs for 100 - 1200 people, 3 laser systems avail from 20mw to 100mw red/green, and now a 1.5w full colour animated laser writing system, LED lighting, par 64 500watt lighting, haze, dry ice and smoke machines, intelligent lighting, strobes, etc...

Larger sound / lighting systems avail for up to 5,000 people. Please contact for info.


For that WOW Factor Laser Light Show that will have your guests talking about your special event for years, hire us for a full colour laser lighting show. We can project any colour under the rainbow of beams, animations on any wall, ceiling or open air venue.

We currently use 3 - 1.5watt full colour diode lasers as our main effect. Then we add other smaller lasers to add in as fill to create a "MUST SEE" lighting event!

What lasers can do


There are many creative ways lasers can be used in a production. Most of these uses fall into the two broad categories of seeing beams in mid-air, and seeing graphics on a surface.

  • With beams, the audience sees “structures” in mid-air, such as fans, cones and shafts of light. Usually theatrical fog or haze is required to make the light shapes more visible.
          Beams can be fast or slow; they can give an event a “Star Wars” excitement, or a New Age mystical calm. In many countries, beams routinely (and safely) scan the crowd, literally "touching" the audience members.

  • Laser graphics can display a client’s logo, animate their product, tell a story, or simply entertain. Because of technology requirements, these images are cartoon-like outlines, without any interior fill or detail.
         This can be a limitation, but it also helps make laser graphic shows very different and attention-getting, compared with ubiquitous video images.

  • Often beams and graphics are combined. For example, “screen and beam” shows use graphics on a single center screen or two side screens, with beams coming from below the screen(s) and over the audience.

  • Laser graphics can be seen on just about any relatively smooth, relatively light surface. You can use conventional projection screens, an indoor or outdoor wall, water screens, inflatable screens, buildings and even mountains.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

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